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VALO | LIGHT is my thesis work for Kymenlaakso Folk High School in 2021. Inspired by Finno-Ugric myths and folklore about the sun, this illustrated story is written in Finnish in the traditional Baltic-Finnic tetrameter.

The sun is lost and the world faces eternal winter and destruction. Only Kajo, a small spirit born during a solar eclipse, might travel to the dreaded Underworld and seek the light. But will this perilous journey end in darkness?

Click on images to see translation in full!

Names, beings, places

Kajo - name means twilight, gleam

Päivätär - goddess of the sun

Kuutar - goddess of the moon

Alinen, Tuonela, Manala - Underworld, land of the dead

Tuoni - god of death, ruler of the Underworld

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